Medium Towing Salt Lake City

Are You Looking For Cheap Medium Towing Services?

You’re in the right place for the best, most affordable medium towing Salt Lake City has to offer!

Here at Cheap Towing Salt Lake, we offer the very best and cheapest medium towing service Salt Lake City has to offer. Our medium tow trucks are at your service to provide you with the vehicle retrieval service that you need, regardless of the position it’s in. Our trucks can tow a large variety of medium duty vehicles, so any towing weight above 14,000 GVWR lbs will be eligible for our medium towing service. Each of our professionals working here will always handle your vehicle efficiently and with a lot of care.

How Our Service Works

Each of our tow trucks is well maintained to the highest possible standard, and they are capable of towing all vehicles the distances required. We are conscious of damage, which is why we only hire the best to handle your vehicle. A big part of our service is offering long-distance medium towing Salt Lake City, so whether you need to stay local or go far, we can provide you with the service that you need. Our team will always reach you on time to get your vehicle moving again.

Our Trucks

Each of the medium towing trucks that we have as part of our service are consistently updated, maintained and upgraded so that we can offer you the best possible service. Your medium towing needs are our big concern, so no matter what, we will ensure that our tow trucks are kept fully equipped and maintained to meet every situation that we can face.

Our Towing Team

Each of our truck drivers is a professional and experienced driver. We are known as the trustworthy towing company in the area, able to transport your vehicle where you need it to go without any fuss. All of our team have been vetted carefully and had their training and qualifications verified so that you only get the best team working for you. We leave behind happy customers, and we’re proud to say that to all.

An Affordable Option

We know that medium towing Salt Lake City can be expensive, and it’s one of the biggest reasons that we offer an affordable service. Our rates are cheap, even with the excellent service that we offer every customer. We will never overcharge you for our service, and each of our quotes is inclusive of all fees.

Call Us Today!

Calling us today will get you a friendly ear on the other end of the phone to talk through your towing needs, and then we can help 24/7. Our basic tows start at $65 plus mileage after the first 5 miles. It doesn’t matter whether your car, RV, pick-up or tractor needs a tow, or you’re stuck on the side of the road in the middle of the night, Cheap Towing Salt Lake City is here for you. Give us a call on 801-823-6846 now for more information and a personalized quote.